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Save countless hours of design and development and ship performant sites with killer looks.

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Get started with a production-ready landing page or build your own.


A landing for shared workspaces with date picker functionality.

  • icon Date picker
  • icon Blog listing cards
  • icon Fullscreen video lightbox

Mobile Application

Make an impression showcasing the features of your mobile app.

  • icon Screenshot slider
  • icon Fullscreen video lightbox
  • icon Masonry testimonials

Online Course

An engaging layout to promote e-learning and paid course material.

  • icon Signup form
  • icon Testimonial slider
  • icon Chapter overview cards

SaaS Application

Educate potential customers and grow your user base.

  • icon Signup form
  • icon Image with hotspot
  • icon Feature comparison table

SaaS Application (Trend)

An alternative layout with trend inspired sketch graphics

  • icon Signup form
  • icon Collapsable accordion
  • icon Blog listing cards

Event & Meetup

Conference and event layout with even-specific functionality.

  • icon Tabbed schedule
  • icon Fullscreen lightbox gallery
  • icon Unique pricing option


A home for your ICO or other emerging blockchain enterprises.

  • icon Date countdown
  • icon Roadmap timeline
  • icon Fullscreen video lightbox

Desktop Application

Attract and immerse users in your stand-alone desktop or web application.

  • icon Image with hotspot
  • icon Dual license pricing
  • icon Fullscreen video lightbox

Software Library

Get traction on your project with a dedicated landing page.

  • icon Typed text effect
  • icon Fullscreen video lightbox
  • icon Stat counter


Sell yourself with this bold layout for digital creatives.

  • icon Masonry portfolio gallery
  • icon Jumbo personal intro
  • icon Distraction-free layout

Your site needs more than a landing page

Tired of incomplete templates? Leap includes a full suite of detailed inner pages to establish a complete online presence.

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Stand out with unique visual appeal

Leap includes a stylish library of SVG decorations. Easily arrange your own unique collages and position them with intuitive CSS classes.

Explore SVG Deocrations

Colour schemes made easy

Rock one of Leap's carefully curated colour schemes or roll your own using the clearly defined Sass variables.

$primary-1: #375ABB;
$primary-2: #FB8F8A;
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
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Less work, more flow.

Boost productivity with BrowserSync. SCSS changes are reflected instantly and pages scroll and refresh on devices as you work.

> $ npm install
Everything’s installed!
> $ gulp
SCSS watching
LiveReload started
Opening localhost:3000
> $ that's it?
Yep, that's it.
😱 Look unfamiliar? Don’t worry! Our comprehensive documentation has got you covered.
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Premium Plugins

Notable Features

Fully Responsive Design
Based on the mobile-first Bootstrap framework, Leap scales to fit each device responsively.
600+ Premium Icons
Choose from a well organised library of lightweight SVG icons that seamlessly adapt to your sites color scheme.
Working Mail Forms
Contact and subscribe forms work out of the box. Validation, AJAX, reCAPTCHA v2 and Email Handling are all taken care of.
All Images Included
Photography and Illustration SVGs are included in the download package and are free to use.
Google Maps API
Set custom style, multiple markers and rich tooltip content easily through simple HTML and data attributes.
6 Months Support
Buy with confidence. Our team offers timely and personal support via a dedicated support channel.

Customers love Medium Rare

Here's what some of our 40,000 satisfied customers have to say about working with Medium Rare themes.

“This is a superb product with very nice designs and clean code. Using it is a breeze. 5-star product. Also, there's updates.”

Themeforest Customer

“It’s well designed, easy to use and very flexible without being bloated. Great value for money.”

Bootstrap Customer

Very versatile. Seems like you can build most of the stuff out of the box.Very thoughtful; team must be very experienced in customer stories and their pain points.

rajasekhar reddy
Bootstrap Customer

“The code is very well organized.And as a front-end developer, for me it's essential”

Themeforest Customer

“I like the plethora of interchangeable blocks and individual elements. This is a great and flexible bundle. And for the price, totally worth it. Also a big shoutout to Craig and James for their quick and helpful support.

Themeforest Customer

“It's the best theme I've ever purchased.Excellent and easy code, excellent design.”

Themeforest Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The gulp workflow can be bypassed all together if you prefer to simply edit the static HTML and CSS files.

Yes. All images you see in the demo files are included for your use in the download package.

Yes. Leap includes the smooth scroll plugin which is perfect for single page websites.

You can request personal support via our dedicated support system on Ticksy

No. This is a HTML template. A WordPress version is coming soon, Subscribe Here to recieve a notification when it is available.

Still have questions? Get in touch
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